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Textile Solutions

Gomuki Tex Chem houses advanced facilities enabling us to provide remarkable quality and product possibilities at quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. We are currently manufacturing and supplying an eclectic range of sizing chemicals, binders and softeners in compliance with GOTS, OEKO-TEX and REACH regulations to meet the distinct requirements of our clients worldwide.

Our team consists of expert textile and chemical engineers and quality analysts with several years of experience and deep domain knowledge to deliver innovative solutions ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards to meet the demands of modern markets. Raw materials and finished products and continuously monitored to ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations and are 100% biodegradable.

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Eco Friendly

Gomuki Tex Chem offers a wide range of biodegradable and eco-friendly sizing chemicals, binders and softeners that serves multiple types of yarns and looms.

Our R&D team ensures that our products have low COD (chemical oxygen demand) and BOD (biological oxygen demand) values and can be recycled economically.

Hot Wash De size

This Product completely de-sizable in hot water only.

Size GE:

Cold Size

Size pvs:


Single Shots

It is a Compound Products based on polymers, needs softener only.

Size Fix 150 X:

Size SMF ST:

Liquid Wax


Synthetic Binders

Natural Binders


Gomuk Soft 125:


Other Products


Size bind 40 Size bind 200 Size bind 1000 Size bind 2000
PC bind B Size bind 60 Size bind 6000

Size Films:

Size Film 20 Size Film 40 Size Film 50 Size Film 60
Size Film 20 Lvp Size Film 40 C Size Film 50 lvs Size Film 60 Lvs
Size Film 20 LV Size Film 120 Size Film 200 Size Film 80
Size Film 20 Lvs Size Film 100

Compund Products:

Size Fix 150 XPY Size CS Size SMF corn R
Size Fix 150 H Size FC Size SMF ST P
Size Fix 100 Tex Star Size SPF
Tex Size K Size SPF U

Liquid Chemicals:

Gompol Texsol (Antistatic oil)
Tex Bind 505 Size G
R 300 Glycol
Rusdal DAP (NAN)

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Our chemical solutions offer high adhesion to cotton, P/c and denim yarns, exhibiting low viscosity even over prolonged storage and are suitable for all types of looms up to 900 rpm.