1. What is Sizing in the textile industry?

Sizing agents are applied to improve yarn performance by binding its fibres to withstand friction and avoid breakage during the weaving process. The sizing process significantly enhances the quality of the weave and optimizes processing costs.

2. What is Sizing Chemical?

The sizing process is performed by applying sizing liquid to the inside and outside of the yarn, wherein the sizing liquid is formed, by mixing a proportion of various sizing agents called main agents/adhesives and auxiliary agents.

3. What are the main adhesives?

The main adhesives are polymer compounds with a molecular structure similar to fibres, having excellent adhesion properties to bind to yarn fibres. Starch from wheat, potato, maize, sweet potato, etc., is traditionally used as a sizing agent.

4. What are auxiliary agents?

Auxillary agents comprise softeners, surfactants, starch decomposition agents, preservatives, and waxes that are used to enhance flexibility and withstand dynamic loads during the weaving process.